The ceremony is a ritual between persons who want to celebrate a special moment out of the ordinary time, it is a promise, vow exchange or metaphysic present celebrated in front a something bigger than human. In every cultures around the world, the people unite them destinies in a wedding ceremony. This moment makes the difference in a couple story, divided the past from the present and it marks a special moment in the fiances history. 

Every couple have an original and unique journey and the ceremony is a intimate time feels like something magic

We offer different ceremony and ritual:

1) Exchange Wovs

The couple celebrates the love just exchanging the Vows

2) Ceremony with Officiant 

An Officiant English or Spanish speaking guides the couple in a Sand or Tie ceremony (Just Symbolic ceremony)

3) Mayan ceremony with Shaman

A Shaman guides the couple in a traditional mayan ceremony with special ritual, music and ancient dynamic

4) Legal wedding

We offered legal wedding for Mexican and foreigners with all the documents. The papers are recognized in their origin country. (this service is Available in Playa del carmen, the procedure is cheaper and faster)

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